Why Selling Your House in Houston to an investor Makes Good Sense

Selling your house can be a very intimidating and challenging thing to take on. That’s why we’ve developed a proven system to take the hassle and stress out of the process.

Instead of listing your house for sale and hoping someone comes along to buy it, why not just sell it for a fair price to a professional real estate investor?

Consider this – When a buyer is interested in finding a home in Houston, they usually have hundreds of options, if not thousands, depending on the size of the market.

When you sell you Houston house to us, not only can we buy it for a fair price, we can also close when it’s convenient for you. Need more time? No problem. Ready to get it done right now? No problem! We can provide the flexibility that a typical buyer can’t.

Something else that’s important to note; Many times, a house sale with a traditional buyer can fall through. Sometimes at the last minute. Imagine, everything’s moving along, you’ve packed all of your household goods, scheduled the movers, have everything planned out perfectly, then… you get that dreaded call from your agent. “Mr/Mrs Seller, I’m so sorry, the buyer’s financing fell through today, and they can’t buy the house….”.

WHAT? But, but, everything was all set! We are leaving in 2 days to a new state! Well, not so fast. Ugh, what a hassle right?

Look, we want to make things as easy as possible by creating a win/win outcome where you can move on at the time you’re ready and not have to be stressed out about things not working out.

When you sell your house in Houston to us, we can close on the date of your choice and handle all of the details. We’ll use a professional closing company and you’ll know exactly what’s going on during the entire process.

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Remember, we can only work with so many houses at one time, since we put a lot of effort into each one. Make sure you contact us right away for more info. We’re always glad to answer any question!